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About Page Size Checker

Website Page Size Checker is another essential tool for website page checking. It provides valuable info about a website. It shows the result of a website page size. On the size of a page, it depends the traffic of the page. If your site contains images, videos, audio and graphics, it will attract the viewers.

It is really necessary for getting more viewers and SEO rank. But at the same time, it takes time to load the website. So, your viewers will drop as we internet users have very low patience. Besides, the more a website page has videos, audios and images, the more possibility to increase the size of the page.

The bigger the size, it will take time to load a page. This way, SEO and the traffic of a particular page will go down. So, if your website page contains media and excessive size, try to bring the page in a minimum size.

How to check Page Size by

For shaping a page, you must know the standard size of a page. The minimum size of a page is 12KB. Add media content to your website to make it informative but remember it must not be lots in number. To know the size of a website page visits the SEO tools website.

All SEO would be the best for having accurate information. Firstly visit the official website of All SEO and look for the Website Page Size Checker. Then copy the link of your website, and press submit. In this tool checker, you only can check one URL at the same time.

However, the page size checker shows you the result of your website page in KBs and bytes. If the checker is taking a long time or still loading, it means your page size is bigger than usual. And you need to be worked on the page size of the website