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The link analyzer tool can find out all of the links that are associated with your website as well as your competitor's site. This is essential for every search engine marketers. Because Analyzing the links is one of the most important things for search engine optimization. You should take care of all of your links. If you want to rank the first page on google, your website has to be a good link structure. Without the help of a link analyzer, you won't be able to see your link structure. Hopefully, you have understood the importance of this tool.

Our tool can detect the link of the exact webpage within moments. You can analyze you're all of webpage one by one. There is no limitation. If you want to analyze your competitor's webpage, this tool is the perfect one for you. It will detect all of the links of your competitors, including internal and external. Analyzing the competitor's site is the easiest way to find out the technique for inbound and outbound link building. According to all the search engines, bad tactics of your website link will hurt your ranking. So it's high time to analyze your website link and make them search engine friendly.

How to Analyze Website Link by

All SEO is a lool that provides all of the search engine optimizing services.  Analyzing the links is one of those. Analyzing website links on our tool is very easy and straightforward. Anyone can use this tool; no need to be an SEO expert. Just put the URL and get results. Here is a simple process:

  • Enter All SEO link analyzer tool.
  • You will find an empty box; put your desire webpage link.
  • Hit the "Submit" button.
  • You have done :)

After hitting the submit button, results will appear instantly with all of the link data. It also shows whether the link is do-follow or no-follow. You can save analyzed data as CSV format if you want to check more clicks to "Try New URL" Button.

Why is the best Link Analyzer?

There are many websites you will find online for checking your SEO score, including link analyzing, but all are not the same. Each site has different features; we have researched properly after that we are here with all of the features. Many websites charge money, subscription, and registration. But All SEO is free, no need to register and log in. Entering your URL is enough to check every service. We are always thinking about our users to give them batter experience. Have a look at the highlight of this tool:

  • ✓100% Free: There is no charge for checking data. It's total free of cost.
  • ✓100% Real Data: Our tool analyze every webpage deeply. So there is no possibility of fake info.
  • ✓Quick Result: When you click to the "Submit" button, it provides an instant result no need to wait a long time.
  • ✓No limitation: As I said earlier, there is no limitation; you can analyze links as much as you want.
  • ✓Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays, the mobile user is increasing significantly. That's why we developed All SEO specially for a mobile user. It doesn't mean that our site is not accessible from other devices. The design of our tool is responsive so you can use it also from desktop and tablet.