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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool helps you to rewrite dynamic URLs. It is rather flexible and comprised of an easily manageable interface. Our dynamic URL rewriter tool utilizes Apache's mod-rewrite module in order to transform long complex dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static HTML URLs.

If you believe that by forming a successful website, your job is completed, you are totally wrong. Every minor detail is vital for a website and among that, the URL demands more significance in comparison with any other thing. You may have a gratuitously prolong URL which is not user-friendly at all. To solve these problems, Dupli Checker has brought a superlative URL rewriting tool that assists to cut out dynamic URLs. Our incredible tool makes you URL user-friendly and short as well. There can be three primary causes for transforming a dynamic URL into a static one.

Firstly, the static URL ranks better in Search Engine results. Secondly, Static URLs are more supportive in making your site faster than dynamic URLs. And thirdly, it comprises of an easily manageable interface. Thus, with the support of our fantastic URL rewriting tool, rewrite your dynamic URLs and reap your benefits. Apart from the above reasons, static URLs have greater exposure in the user’s eyes. Our excellent rewriting tool utilizes Apache’s mod-rewrite element to change a dynamic URL into search engine friendly static URLs. All you need to do is to copy/paste your dynamic URL in the mentioned text box, and our tool with transforming them into a static one within only a few minutes. Happy Converting!

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